These are an experimental set of projects where I took the classic K-fee Jump-scare commercial aka the "ghost car" commercial and turned it on its head. This is honestly one of my favorite projects I've worked on so far. The first video in this series went viral, allowing me to reach an audience I had never reached before (in the tens of millions if we're counting all the times viewed through content thief's). While in truth, I did not create the assets of these videos, I worked very diligently to distinguish myself from the original through careful editing, and through incorporating new ideas and elements. My favorite one to work on was the ghost hand.
The Making Of
In order to have the most control over this source material I went through the tedious process of stabilizing the footage using warp stabilizer, creating a map of the road without the car and then reapplied the warp stabilizer to the rotoscoped car on the map. Looking from left to right of the above gifs gives an idea of the process.
Here's a comparison of the original shot and the rotoscoped shot on the map. Because I'm borrowing the camera information from the original, the subtle camera shakes make it to the final cut.
The second shot had a very similar process, shown above, but because of the way warp stabilizer works I had to instead recreate the camera movements. This was done using a null parented to the camera and reference images of the original. Parts of the image overlapped the vehicle so I cut the trees out in Photoshop and used key cleaner to clean up some of the matte. This allowed me to composite assets (such as the hand) behind the trees as well.
Here's another comparison between the original and my version.

If you're interested in creating something of your own with this material I've decided to release the project files for everyone to play with.
Download here
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